Kelvinator Air Conditioning Units

Kelvinator has designed air conditioners in basically three different styles being Window/Wall Reverse Cycle, Conventional Split Reverse Cycle and Inverter Split Reverse Cycle.

Window/Wall Reverse Cycle

These are Kelvinator’s most popular units because they are reliable and affordable. Regardless of your budget, you are sure to find a Window/Wall Reverse Cycle to accommodate you. They provide reverse air without having to install a split and most of them are light enough to complete installation yourself. While some varieties may not be as powerful or as quiet as others on the market, they do control humidity very well and keep the air in your home clean with their washable dust filter.

The Kelvinator Window/Wall Reverse Cycle product line has different options available such as climate control, sleep mode, remote control, three-speed fans and a dehumidifier. They are also quite compact making them discreet even in a smaller room.

Kelvinator Conventional Split R/C

The one feature that makes these units a fierce competitor in the market is their active carbon/electrostatic filters. These special filters guarantee that you and your family are breathing in the cleanest air possible. They are voted a top-pick with allergy and asthma sufferers because the filters eliminate odors and also neutralize the gases that are expelled by them. Irritants such as smoke, dust particles and pet dander are trapped, leaving the air that you breathe cleaner and healthier.

Kelvinator air conditioners are moderately priced, provide easy climate control and come with a dehumidifier mode and remote control however they are not as quiet as some of their competitors.

Kelvinator Inverter Split R/C

Here is Kelvinators top of the line unit that allows them to be a fierce competitor with other larger corporations. The air that these units provide is so clean that they are a preferred air conditioner in medical facilities. Even on summer’s hottest days they keep your home incredibly cool with their DC Inverter Technology.

The Kelvinator Inverter Split Reverse Cycle is the quietest of the product line but also the most expensive. Their clean face design minimizes dust buildup and the easy to use remote control makes programming a breeze. These Kelvinator air conditioning units feature automatic restart, climate control, follow-me command, automatic swing and an active carbon electrostatic filter.

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