Whirlpool Refrigerators

If you have gone to purchase a refrigerator, a dealer would surely show you the Whirlpool refrigerator. These refrigerators are very popular among the millions of consumers all over the world. Whirlpool is a globally known home appliances company. The refrigerators manufactured by Whirlpool are the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design. The company is reputed for using the latest technology to meet the requirements of the users.

Whirlpool refrigerators offer great features and are available in all kinds of budgets. If you want a refrigerator in affordable range, you can go for Whirlpool refrigerators. You can choose from direct cool, Frost Free and Frost Control range of refrigerators. The refrigerators from Whirlpool are designed with latest innovations. One of their unique features is 6th sense frost control technology. Due to this technology, refrigerators defrost automatically. You need not spend your precious time over defrosting and cleaning it later. Due extended cooling option provided in these refrigerators, you can get better circulation of cold air in all the corners of the fridge.

To suit the Indian market, Whirlpool has introduced the Fusion series refrigerators. These refrigerators do not have the separate freezer option. That space is utilized for the food storage only. Though this may not suit the requirements of all the consumers but still there was demand of such type of refrigerators for long time.

Another feature in the cap is the unique ice making technology devised from Whirlpool only. This technology helps make the ice 30% faster than normal range. Then Whirlpool freezers retain the ice even in power cuts up to a certain period. It can keep the ice as it is up to 12 hours in power cuts. Amazing! Due its unique features, Whirlpool is steadily making a place of itself in Indian market. As Whirlpool adapts itself to the market it is catering to, it has not initiated the twin door refrigerators in India because, people have more of food storing needs than freezing.

Using a Whirlpool home appliance is not at all expensive. There are many energy saving features in these freezers. You can save up to 30% of electricity usage due to energy saving feature of Whirlpool. This can reduce your ever mounting electricity bills.

Looks and style of whirlpool refrigerators are equally appealing. There is Swarovski crystal on the door handles giving them a unique look. There is wide range of colors to choose from. Among many reasons for buying a Whirlpool refrigerator; one is its after sales services. Whirlpool is known for its quick services and excellent customer care.

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